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Modern Family (FOX)

David as Minsk, the Russian brother, with Sofia Vergara & Leonid Mandell-59 seconds

Graceland (USA)

Russian mobster Kusmanov is concerned about the FBI busting his high end car operation-2 minutes 32 seconds

Burn Notice (USA)

Stigler is giving information on where to find the Russian ring leader. With Bruce Campbell- 3 minutes 10 seconds

Bloodline (Netflix/Sony)

David as a drug dealer with Norbert Leo Butz and Ricky Wayne- 42 seconds

Bleed Like Me (Web series)

Graham warns Erica that she has gone too far and to lay low before he gets shot. -

Army Wives (ABC)

A field reporter reporting from Afganistan on a helicopter crash involving a high ranking general- 40 seconds